From the start, programmers got together at BeGeistert to help each other or solve problems together. However, one weekend isn't really enough to make much progress. Even more so, as the normal BeGeistert hubbub tends to break people's concentration.

That's why since BeGeistert 018 in January 2008, there's a "Code Sprint" in the week after the conference. Developers are able to work very focused on Haiku for a whole week. Instead of communicating as usual over mailing lists and IRC with their inherent delays and misunderstandings, being physically together in one room has proven very productive.

The expenses for using a conference room for the additional week are covered by the HSA. If the financial situation should it allow it one day, we can also support developers with their travelling and accommodation costs. This makes the Code Sprint our biggest expense item and at the same time our most effective advancement of Haiku. The extent of this support depends solely on the number of our members and donations.

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